Family Portraits



Getting my watercolor on for some Father’s Day commissions.


Lead Like a Girl

I had the opportunity recently to attend the AIGA event, Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Career Advice for Creative Women, and write a recap of the evening.

You can check it out on the AIGA blog here.

What an inspiring group of talented ladies!

I’ve been a little busy..

.. having a baby!


Meet Saoirse Rose: Cutest Baby and Worst Sleeper In the World. She’ll be 5 months right after Christmas and clearly I’m obsessed!

Other than keeping a tiny human alive, I have been busy back to work, memorizing all Sesame Street tunes and drinking lots and lots of tea to stay awake. But I am back to dust of this old blog of mine and spruce it up with some new writing and new!

So keep posted. I promise it won’t be another 13 months + a baby until my next post.

… maybe.