A new day, a new blog.


My name is Sarah, but I often go by Fae.

I am an art student in Pittsburgh, PA pursuing my Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design. I am expecting to graduate in September of 2013 and I have been thinking a lot lately about vamping up my internet presence! I am an extremely creative person; I draw inspiration from so much in the world (and the web) around me – and I love to share that inspiration.

If I’m not drawing or designing, my nose is buried in a book or my eyes glued to some new, exciting video game. If I’m not at my desk typing stories on my keyboard, chances are I’m on a piano bench playing music on my other keyboard. If I’m not going all out and dancing to 80’s music in some smokey, crowded room I’m probably at home singing a variety of musicals with myself cast as all the roles. But it all leads back to something that inspired me or at least made me smile. (Or cry. I do love a good cry.)

So I figured instead of just posting links on Facebook to things I find beautiful or inspiring or just plain adorable (helloooo, cat videos), knowing very well that I’m just one of many scroll-bys on the daily Facebooking of my friends, I thought a blog would be a great place to not only compile what inspires me but to share my own art and some personal thoughts and stories as well!

I’ve kept blogs in the past, but never with any real purpose or goal, so here’s hoping I keep to this one! Encouragement and companionship welcome.


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