Exciting news!

In my Portfolio Prep class, we were assigned a special project to work with the Student Success committee of my school, who used to host workshops for students to learn a variety of topics (i.e., life drawing, wordpress, cartooning, etc.)

The workshops had dropped off in popularity, however, so they wanted a fresh approach. They took a survey of our class, to get the students’ input on what WE would want to attend as a workshop, and then we were asked to design new posters for a hypothetical workshop. We were also given the option to completely rename the workshops and give them a new logo.

I went with that direction.

I felt the title of the workshops – Persistence Workshops – was not very inviting at all. Who wants to leave 4 hours of class and go be persistent? So I came up with this.

They loved the new name for the workshops, as well as the logo (which I featured in a variety of colors, alternating with the different types of workshops offered) and this is now the official logo of the Student Success workshops!

Another student’s layout was chosen, so now she and I just have to work together to create a template so that art work and type can be easily swapped out for the variety of workshops.

I’m pretty excited. Not only was I really happy with the logo, but helloooo new client!

Working hard to build up my resume before graduation!

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