Farewell to the Symphony

Yesterday was my final day as an intern at the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. It was a bittersweet parting. With only two weeks left of school, I decided to take this time to just focus on strictly schoolwork – so I had my last day at my internship. It has been an incredible experience – I learned so much and truly loved the opportunity. I have come away with so much more knowledge, real life experience in the design world and some great projects for my portfolio – which I will post sometime in the future!

It was a bit of a dream come true to work there. If I hadn’t chosen art as my career, it would have been music. So being able to work in such a musically inspired atmosphere, where I could often hear the sounds of the symphony rehearsing drifting through the walls, was amazing. My only regret is that it couldn’t last longer.

So, here is a thank you to the PSO for giving me this opportunity and all the great things that I was able to be a part of!

ImageMy office on my last day there.

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