Fae Day!

I am feeling the pains of post-graduate life. And by me, I mean my bank account.

Although I’ve applied a million places, have had a few interviews, and it’s only been two weeks since I graduated – I am feeling a bit lost. I’ve admitted bank account defeat and have returned to my retail job. It’s not that I don’t enjoy that job, I do, but I was really hoping to be one of those lucky few who gets a job in my field right out of graduation so that I could breathe easy.

But I have not found a design job yet, and I need to pay bills, so it’s back to work for me. I am very grateful that I have a job that let me take a month and a half off to focus on graduating and got me back to work the very next day after I called and said, “Hey, I’m still alive – can I come back to work?” They also already have me working overtime and got me a raise, and are working on getting me a promotion so they can get me a second raise. I realize how incredibly lucky I am.

However, I’m already exhausted after coming home from 10-12 hour days again where I usually don’t eat or sit down until the 9th hour of those shifts. It’s hard to come home and find the energy and brain capacity to be creative.

So I’m going to promote the shit out of my work and hope that you, dear readers, will be inspired to purchase my work from my Etsy – which will in turn, inspire me to do more. 😉

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