January 9th.

It seems The Boy and I are destined to feel like crap together on this date, January 9th.

We are both home from work with the flu. But it’s better than being in the hospital after a car accident, like three years ago.

We can never seem to be celebrating us being alive and well together on this anniversary as we’d always like to. But at least we are here and together.

Even if it’s in PJ’s, with fevers and coughs and lots of blankets and tea.

3 thoughts on “January 9th.

    1. Oh really? I hadn’t heard that. The worst for me was over night, I’ve been on the mend throughout the day – but my boyfriend has been really bad all day. Feel better!

      1. My boyfriend is such a huge baby when he’s sick. I can never tell how bad it really is haha. You feel better too! Fingers crossed my kiddo doesn’t get sick.

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