So far into the new year, I have been terrible at keeping my not-officially-resolutions resolutions.

That whole getting into shape thing and being healthier was severely thwarted by me being super sick for over a week. I am finally feeling mostly better, but still have a lingering cough. Regardless, I am going to try and get back to working out tomorrow anyway – here’s hoping I can breathe long enough to get a good workout in. In lieu of being able to be physically active, I thought I could eat healthy – well, that was also thwarted last night when I tried to make a healthy smoothie and the blender wouldn’t work. So I tried to pop healthy popcorn in the microwave, and either it or the microwave decided to catch on fire (I was in the bathroom peeing – I returned to smoke pouring out of all sides of the microwave). So, I had a banana for a post-dinner snack. Boring, but healthy. And the apartment did not burn down.

The creativity side of my not-officially-resolutions resolutions has also not been going so well. I did get a new Etsy order, so I worked on that, but again – being sick not only wiped me out physically but also mentally. I haven’t been capable of doing much but staring at a TV or a book.

Aaand as you can guess, the whole “I want to do more!” resolution was also totally shot down by my being sick. Whatever I had, it was brutal and so I didn’t want to subject anyone else to my germs. I’ve pretty much spent every week night and weekend on the couch so far in 2014. Boo.

But it’s a new week! I haven’t failed. Yet.

I am going to try and make Sunday my official creative days – so keep an eye out for future Sunday postings of drawings. I can’t promise masterpieces every Sunday, but I can definitely do sketches at least once a week. And hopefully, in time, that can become a more frequent activity throughout the week. Like it used to be.

I’m not giving up yet, 2014!

One thought on “Resolutions.

  1. Resolutions for a year aren’t about instant change – they’re about moving towards something. They’re about accomplishment and progression. You’re doing just fine, my love. You have all of 2014 to figure it out.

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