Take two, please!

I try hard to not be one of those people who seems to always be having “The Worst Day Ever”.

But some days just need a redo button.

I watched “About Time” this weekend, a movie about a family in which all the males can time travel – but only within their own lifetime – and in it, the father said that he learned to use his time traveling for good. At the end of each day, especially on bad days, he would travel back.. and relive that day, but this time taking the time to stop and appreciate the little bits of beauty that can be found anywhere.

Of course, the moral of the story in the end, was to learn to pause and appreciate those beauties the first time around, so you never had to relive any days.

But I’d really like to be able to time travel back to today. I already know how the day ends, so I wish I could go back and even though it was a bad day – this time, I would tell myself to breathe. I would let the knot in my stomach and chest subside, just knowing that the world does not – in fact – end tonight. And to not waste any good there might have been during the day because I was too busy stressing out over everything on my plate. I would also maybe manage my time a little better and know not to schedule

But, I cannot time travel and I cannot redo today better, so instead I will drink wine whiskey and curl up with my kitten, who is currently hiding under the blankets next to me for reasons I have yet to figure out.

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