I am possibly the worst blog keeper in the history of blog keepers.

There’s been a lot on my plate lately and I just haven’t had the time to dedicate to formulating coherent thoughts into an interesting blog post., for which I sincerely apologize. (I just got done watching A Young Doctor’s Notebook, so I’m speaking weirdly formal. British accents do that to me.) (Which, in case you’re wondering – it was really kind of hilarious in the beginning and then it got really weird, but it’s only 4 episodes, each less than a half hour. So give it a go if you’re looking to be entertained by Harry Potter playing someone other than Harry Potter for less than two hours.) (Also, John Hamm.) (And there’s fun Russian music.)

(I’m done with the parentheses, I swear.)

I’ve also been terrible about keeping up my Sunday Sketches. I’m just terrible at life, lately, really. Sometimes it just gets the best of you. But I’m here to try and fix that, starting with this blog. But, not right this minute.. I wouldn’t be a true procrastinator if I had a sketch ready to go for this post. I’m just basically here to say.. I’m not dead, yet!

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