wedding planning… ooh, squirrel!


Sometimes I feel like Dug the Dog (from UP!) when trying to wedding plan.

I know that, at less than 11 months from the wedding, I should have a lot more planned. All I have right now is the venue booked. I should be thinking about booking caterers, which requires figuring out what kind of food I want. I should be thinking about shopping for a dress, which requires me kicking my ass into gear to lose weight. I should be doing a lot of things, that don’t include watching Orange is the New Black and ordering even more YA books from the library.

I should be getting down to the logistics of wedding planning. Instead I’m on Pinterest, pinning crafts. I am a designer. I am great at this whole choosing decorations part, not so great at the actual organization and planning. And I’m really terrible at budgeting. I have a basic idea of budget, but the way life is going, my saving keeps having to get depleted and saving money is very, very difficult. At this rate, I have no idea how we’ll afford anything.

We may have booked the barn on time…  but at this rate, we’re going to be standing in said barn on our wedding day naked,  with grumbling tummies and cell-phone lighting.

I am a broke-ass bride with wedding planning ADD. Help me.

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