What’s in a book?

I am more than well on track with my 50 Books challenge this year (already at 28, only halfway through the year!), but I feel like I’ve been hitting duds with almost every book I read. I want something that will blow me out of the water, change my life, make me reflect for days on what I just read!

I have read a handful of really good YA fantasy novels, which are well worth it and I am not discrediting in anyway as capable able of being impactful. But they don’t often make you reflect on your own life; usually they do the opposite, by making you get lost in someone elses very fictional life. Which is great. But I’ve been craving a book whose philosophy I can apply to my own life; whose sentences I can mark up with pencil underlinings; whose pages end up almost all dog-eared because there are so many quotes I want to share I can barely make it through a chapter without writing down another one. I want a book that will give me an epiphany.

I read The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt not too long ago and I have to say, it was quite the disappointment after how some of my friends built it up. I thought that was going to be THE life-changing book of Summer 2014. But it wasn’t, at all.

So I’m now accepting recommendations for books that have blown you away. (Bonus points if they made you ugly cry.)

Aaand, go.

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