I’m webfamous!

I received an e-mail from Etsy today that one of my items was receiving a lot of attention..

When I looked into it, I discovered that my Game of Thrones themed Jon Snow & Ghost ornament had been featured on uproxx.com, under an article titled, “10 Ornaments that Will Give You the Coolest Christmas Tree This Year”. That’s my ornament, #7! The one that says it is the most adorable ornament you could possibly have on your tree!

I realize this isn’t the New York Times, but I still found it very exciting. Especially when the author stated that she went through 75 pages of items tagged “ornaments” on Etsy to find her selection, and mine was one of the top 10 she chose. So, that’s pretty exciting!

ImageI didn’t score any sales from it (yet) but I did get a lot of favorites on my items/shops!

Now if only I had time to make more items to put up there…

… but alas, there are books to be read and naps to be had.