Greetings from the North!

And by “north”, I mean Canada.

The Spring semester came to a hectic close last week and I hightailed it (after a lovely Thursday spent celebrating five years with my boy) to Canada to see my best friend!

This was the first I had made the drive, I’ve always flown to visit her, and I was excited to be on the road. Nothing beats a good road trip, with the windows down and musicals blasting. Although I had a bit of driving ADD and insisted on stopping at every single rest stop, I made it over the border with no hitches and into Ottawa!

It has been an enjoyable week. We’ve traveled around a bit, read a lot, watched some movies. I’m just super happy to be on vacation and not thinking about work or – more importantly – homework!

I get back on the road tomorrow to return to Pittsburgh, to see my boy. Although I won’t be in the city for long, but at least I’ll have a partner for the next road trip. We are going to some good friends’ wedding this weekend in Ohio and I am excited for that as well!

I have many grand plans for the remainder of my break from school, before I go back into my final quarter (eep!), but I have an inkling that I may spend the remainder of my break reading every chance I get, when I’m not working… (this inkling may have been tipped-off by the 6 or 7 books I just requested from the library).

I am going to make this summer count!

I know I owe many updates on new projects, but for now .. enjoy some images from my trip so far!