Draw Something.

Spiral Notebook by Witandwhistle.

I saw this typography piece on Etsy today and really liked it.

It’s so true with me that I always put off drawing because I’m not happy with the direction it’s going and I abandon it. But the reality is that I need to draw something, every day, even if it sucks. Especially if it sucks. Because what our parents always said is cliche, but true – practice makes perfect. Just like with any other skill, you lose your drawing abilities when you aren’t drawing every day.

So for me, the hardest part is getting over that hump of being defeated because my sketches lately aren’t up to par with what I know I can do.

I’m hoping to make progress with this, though. Life is hopefully settling down a bit – after more than a month of searching and 20-some apartment viewings, we FINALLY found a place. We will be moving mid-April and although now I have to somehow figure out how to clean and pack among family visiting from out of town next weekend and us going away the following weekend, I’m hoping free time may be in my future!

The hard part will be convincing myself to be productive with that free time. Seeing as how I spent 8 hours watching Bates Motel on Netflix yesterday and am already on my second Disney film of the day today. (See my previous post for how I like to spend my weekends.)

Ah, the weekend.

Every Friday, my friends and co-workers ask me what I’m doing on the weekend and I reply: “Nothing.”

People always misinterpret this as I have no plans, and that I may be bothered by this. Or they find it slightly sad that I don’t have any social engagements. But the misconception is this: I do have plans. My plans are to do nothing. And to love it.

I am not an outrageously social person. I had my (albeit very brief) social years. It was fun. Now I’m old and I just like to hang out with a book and a cat and sometimes my fiancé. I look forward to cleaning and organizing on the weekend, because then I feel better just being in my apartment.  Some people like to go out every weekend. If it makes you happy, then do it. But this is what floats my boat.

My whole working life I’ve worked weekends. First, I worked in a theatre company and would have to work multiple performances of a show each weekend. Then I worked in an art school and taught Saturday classes (in addition to Monday through Friday). Then I worked various retail jobs and we all know there are no weekends when you work retail. And throughout those jobs I was in school on and off, and art school homework is like having not one, but two full time jobs. Finally, I have a career. A Monday through Friday, 9-5….ish…  job I do not have to work on the weekends. It’s the best feeling every to know I have TWO FULL DAYS to do whatever I want.

And if what I want to do is to read a book, not get dressed and not leave my apartment for 48 hours –  I see nothing wrong with this.

ImageI don’t know who this art belongs to, but it sums me up pretty well – I tried Google image searching it and found multiple deviant arts linked to it. So I apologize to whoever is the artist – if you know, please let me know and I will properly credit!