Today is the first day…

… of the rest of my school life.

Also known as: the first day of my last semester.

It’s like Christmas. Except a pro-longed, 9 week wait until Christmas. But still.

It’s been a long time coming, this whole graduation thing. I’ll write a post about that in more length at another point. When I think about it, I’m extremely excited, but oh so nervous as well.

However, right now – after coming out of a summer “break” in which I worked 50+ hours each week… I am most excited to be done so that I can have free time to actually do things I enjoy: like read, do personal art and play video games.

I’ll be more concerned about the whole “finding a career” thing once I actually graduated, but what will get me through the next 9 weeks is that dream of the ever elusive Free Time.


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