Status: Silk Lamination

I am a mere four weeks away from graduation.

It has been so hectic this quarter that I have hardly had time to sit and think about what exactly that means to me. I’ve been more focused on what that means for my To Do list. Until I signed onto Primo Cards to check the status of my business cards order and saw the words, “Status: Silk Lamination”.

Then it all felt real. My business cards were being laminated, ready to send. By this point, they have been mailed and are set to arrive on Wednesday. My portfolio book is ordered and should be on my doorstep, and in my eagerly awaiting hands, on Monday. Up until this point I have been second guessing everything I’m doing, thinking that I am not doing it “right” or that there is some “better” way to do it.

Until I realized I could spend my whole life chasing that elusive “right” way.

Design is art, it is not math. There is no all essential answer.

There is no right, there is only what feels right. And so I decided to start trusting myself to know me, to know how to present my own brand, and to just go with it. Since I made that decision, I feel I have moved beyond the in progress status and into the silk lamination stage. There is still a lot to do but as long as I can stay focused (which is very hard to do in this beautiful 68 degree weather), I am in great shape.

Graduation is just around the corner. I have been in and out of college since I was 17-years-old. Two weeks after graduation, I will turn 27. It’s been nearly a decade since I started college (granted, I took a number of years off in the middle there) and there’s not a person who can say that I haven’t worked hard for it.

Now I just have to try not to cry at graduation.

And try not to sleep away the entire week and a half of vacation I have already pre-booked for after graduation.

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