S.O.S. – Job Searching!


The Boy keeps reminding me that it hasn’t even been a week since I graduated, and yet I am having a bit of a panic session thinking I may never find a job.

I have been keeping a notebook of the jobs I have applied to. It is a lot, but I haven’t even been applying randomly – I’ve been choosing places I admire, that I am familiar with, and can see myself being a part of. Although I currently reside in Pittsburgh, and would not object to remaining here, I also have this urge to travel. I feel that if I’m going to relocate, now is the time to do it, and so I have been applying all of the states – and the world.

Some places have been local, some are smaller boutiques across the East coast, some are gigantic shots in the dark – such as Disney Parks and the Royal Albert Hall in London. But a girl can dream, can’t she? And no one ever got a dream job by not applying.

Here is my question though – in this day and age, when everything is digital and often things are done by personal e-mails – is a professional cover letter, yay or nay? Cover letters can be personal but no matter how hard you try, they often sound a bit stuffy and egotistical. I know large companies appreciate that level of professionalism – but is it a viable option to keep e-mails of a job inquiry nature more personal for smaller businesses?

Any fellow job searchers – help?

I am very eager to begin my career as a designer. I am still searching freelancing opportunities, and diving into the piranha pond that is 99 designs, but I would really feel better if I had a job to back it all up. I would really like to not return to retail, please!

Any tips or shared experiences would be greatly appreciated.

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