S.O.S. – Job Searching!


The Boy keeps reminding me that it hasn’t even been a week since I graduated, and yet I am having a bit of a panic session thinking I may never find a job.

I have been keeping a notebook of the jobs I have applied to. It is a lot, but I haven’t even been applying randomly – I’ve been choosing places I admire, that I am familiar with, and can see myself being a part of. Although I currently reside in Pittsburgh, and would not object to remaining here, I also have this urge to travel. I feel that if I’m going to relocate, now is the time to do it, and so I have been applying all of the states – and the world.

Some places have been local, some are smaller boutiques across the East coast, some are gigantic shots in the dark – such as Disney Parks and the Royal Albert Hall in London. But a girl can dream, can’t she? And no one ever got a dream job by not applying.

Here is my question though – in this day and age, when everything is digital and often things are done by personal e-mails – is a professional cover letter, yay or nay? Cover letters can be personal but no matter how hard you try, they often sound a bit stuffy and egotistical. I know large companies appreciate that level of professionalism – but is it a viable option to keep e-mails of a job inquiry nature more personal for smaller businesses?

Any fellow job searchers – help?

I am very eager to begin my career as a designer. I am still searching freelancing opportunities, and diving into the piranha pond that is 99 designs, but I would really feel better if I had a job to back it all up. I would really like to not return to retail, please!

Any tips or shared experiences would be greatly appreciated.

Busy, busy!

I had this post building up in my head over the past week or so; anxious to write about the beautiful Spring weather and how it inspires me to create, to read and to lay out in the grass and let the wind toss my hair.

And then it dropped back down to 40 degrees.

I have been busy working at school. I graduate next quarter and my life consists of lists right now; lists of everything I need to have done for my classes this quarter, lists of what I need to have prepared to graduate and basically anything that can help this ship sail as smoothly as possible. I want to enjoy my summer as well as my last quarter of school.

Oh, did I mention I work a full time job, a part time job and I just acquired an internship which I will be starting this Friday?

It may take me weeks to finish a simple book and I may not sleep much, but I have to say I’m loving it right now. I’m so near the finish line that it’s exciting (not to mention the three week summer break I’ll have BEFORE my last quarter.. that’s pretty exciting, too) and also very scary. But mostly exciting.

I hope to be posting more work and updates in the weeks to come. I have just begun to build my personal website in Dreamweaver this evening, so keep an eye out for that link as it will be going live in a few weeks time.

And, tonight, one of my Graphic Design professors told me that I’m allowed to call myself an illustrator as well as a designer. He never lets anyone do that!

Life may be busy but it’s good.

Now if only that weather would warm up before I have to walk to class at 7 tomorrow morning.