Caturday #15.


We moved over the weekend, out of a place we have lived for the past seven years and where Ghost has lived her whole two years. She is not the happiest camper at the new place. I feel like a terrible Cat Mom, when she meows every time I leave her sight and hides anytime both The Boy and I leave the apartment. When we return, she won’t come out until we call her name and she’s positive it’s us.

The first two days she didn’t sleep and was barely eating or drinking. Today, she seems to be doing better – as evidenced by the photo. She’s actually napping (the pile of pillows I put on the couch helps), as long as I’m sitting next to her, and she’s finally drinking the water I put out for her. I know she’ll get used to it, I just still feel bad. She’s never been this needy.

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